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Are You The Captain Of Your Ship?

Ask yourself these questions: Does life happen to you? How much of what you do in a day is unique and planned for your success? Do you spend most of your day doing new and exciting things that make your life better? How much of what you do in a day is done practically on […]

Hello November!

Take time to become aware of all the good in your life. Practice being happy. Practice being grateful. Focus on the people and things you love! Every single day wake up knowing it’s going to be a great day! Every single day know that you can be, do, and/or have anything you want to be, […]

Give yourself this gift!

Today. Do one thing. Just one thing. Today, do one thing, just one thing, to move you towards your best life! You know where you’ve been. Do you know where you’re going? Better yet, do you know where you want to go? Any subject. Any area. Pick one thing and do it. That’s all. Just. One. […]

Make Today Great

What do you want to see more of today? More joy? More peace? More health? More money? More friends? Whatever you want to see more of today, see it! Be it! Focus, don’t fight it, make it fun! Remember the game, “Slug Bug”? There was no judgment, no fear or worry that you wouldn’t see […]

Success Together 365: Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Success Together 365: Nicole Lewis-Keeber Interview Success Together 365: Please introduce yourself? Nicole: My name is Nicole Lewis-Keeber, I am a Psychotherapist and Life Coach. I am the founder of  Pathway to Empowerment Coaching, I am a Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach and Author of 7 Strategies to Fire Your Inner Critic. I am from […]

LOA Success Story: Phil Drolet

While doing research for a special project, I found this article and wanted to share it. LOA success stories are inspiring! Have a phenomenal day! The Law of Attraction Really Works: 1 Epic Story and 7 Powerful Tips A year ago, you wouldn’t have caught me dead writing a blog post about the Law of […]

Success Together 365: Claire Westwood

From overwhelm and confusion to clarity and customers!

Success Together 365: Michelle Lewis

see the ripple all these blessings and love can produce ❤

How To Meditate: A Beginner’s Guide

Today’s post is part of an article found at DAILY BURN, see the entire article here: Meditation is about training your brain to bring your thoughts and feelings into awareness; it’s about examining who you are and your place in the world; it teaches you to appreciate every moment for what it is. Recently, scientific […]

Come On Inner Peace, I Don’t Have All Day!

It’s like someone has given me a great big beautifully wrapped package and said, “here you go, enjoy, it’s magnificent!” and I reply in all my glory, “no thanks, I’m good, I don’t need it right now.”